Tuesday, August 9, 2011

We salute you, Utah!

Our awesome background with a handsome cowboy!
Each student had their picture in military attire for our slideshow
Cute girls!
My twin Courtney!!
Mini Brigham and me! Thanks to his shaved stuffed animal...he now has a beard!

This past year I taught 4th grade at Taylor Elementary. My teammate, Courtney (aka my other half), and I both had an ARMY theme for our classrooms. We loved everything CAMO. We celebrated each Monday as "Military Monday!" We wore Camo. Many students joined in and we had some serious 4th grade pride. Many students purchased camo attire. By the end of the year, one student wore full-on camo everyday (not kidding! camo hat, boots, full fatigues, dog tags, and a canteen!). Word has it, he's still dressing that way.
We set out to have the first 4th grade program in a long time! We covered Utah history and ended with military! The kids sang portions of songs from each branch of the military. We loved learning these songs. We had an awesome slideshow honoring Veterans and Military personnel. It was amazing! Many tears were shed. Students dressed up as pioneers, cowboys, and military. One student who spoke about Brigham Young dressed for the part....beard and all! Manly 4th grader.
I had such a blast with our program. I am so proud of my 4th graders! (I taught 3rd the previous year and moved on with half my students!) I am missing them terribly!


  1. Utah, people working together...I hope you sang the Utah song!!!!

  2. We would have had such a blast teaching together! Why did we turn down that offer so many years ago?..Oh ya..that school was shady!-Dang! Well...you look awesome in camo! Miss your face!